Why Does Your Brand Need Video Marketing?

Hi there,

I’m so glad that you asked! Now, we’ll get right to the point SO here are three reasons why you need to incorporate video marketing into your current marketing strategy NOW:


Your Customer Can’t Visualize your Brand

Pictures only go so far. We’re not saying that pictures aren’t important but a video can visually explain your brand, product, and overall business. You can tell them a story, or how to use the product. There are endless possibilities but your customers or followers sometimes need a helping hand in explaining your brand and that’s exactly what a video can do!

Videos Allow you to Connect with your Audience

Think about it this way. If your customers are constantly asking you the same questions about your brand, and you’re constantly answering them one by one…doesn’t that get exhausting? Yea, we thought so. A video answering their questions will save you time in the long run. As well your audience will recognize that you’re taking the time to answer their questions which will strengthen their brand loyalty.

Words are BORING

Even writing this blog post can be boring…well only sometimes. BUT people are retaining less and less words these days. We’ve all heard it that our brains are becoming the size of a goldfish. A very sad, and short attention span goldfish. So bring some excitement into your brand and create a video that will enhance the words on your website, blog, and even your IG captions.

There you go! Three reasons why you need to incorporate video into your brand ASAP. Need some more inspiration about what type of videos to create? Download this FREE GUIDE about three different types of videos you can create for your business.

Talk soon!

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