10 Different Types of Videos to Create for Your Business

The formalized definition of Content marketing is the art of creating customized content aimed to satisfy the needs of your target audience. Not only should the content be valuable, it should captivating, engaging and convert your site visitors into customers.

What better way to do this than through video marketing? Videos allow your audience to be a part of your brands journey, which will lead them to become actual customers!

However, despite its immense potential to improve your brand and sales, most scale-ups businesses and start-ups are still not taking advantage and are not using video marketing.

Here are ten different types of video ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy easily.

1. Event Videos

These videos are great to really showcase the inside of your business. A traditional Event video does cost a lot more than other videos because of the whole crew, multiple cameras, and hours of coverage.

However, with 15-second Instagram Story videos becoming popular, a lot of brands are opting to capture snippets of their events in a montage form. These videos let your audience experience your brand’s event easier and allow audiences to trust your brand even more because you are giving them the “inside look”.

A great Event video magnifies a brand’s online presence.

2. Education / Explainer / How-to Videos

Explainer, also known as Educational or How-to videos will walk your viewers through a process or provide a solution to a problem they may be having. By explaining to them how your product or service could help fix their problem they will be more inclined to go to your business because you’ve explained and provided a direct solution.

A How-To video can also be used to answer common questions about your brand, and are great for building credibility. To nail this type of video, you need to come up with a list of questions your audience often asks you about your brand; to avoid being vague and creating a very very long video, pick one or two questions to answer per video and create a short video explaining your answer.

By the end of watching an Explainer video, your audience should be able to successfully take actions with your brand based on the explanations you provided. Another great aspect about Education videos is that they have the capacity to provide value for years to come. It’s important that the content is engaging as well as dynamic. If certain parts of the video are watched repeatedly, take note as you might need to make another Explainer video to explain that specific part further.  

3. Testimonial Videos

People are easily influenced by the opinions of other people and that’s where the power of testimonials comes into play. People influence people. Honest reviews, including Facebook comments, can change a customer’s opinion about a brand and convince them to take an action, or not, with your brand.

Testimonial videos are very valuable and are often an indication of the impact that your product has on other people. A potential client seeing and hearing from another customer about your product or service sounds more engaging then convincing them to read about it.

4. Promotional Videos

Thanks to fast Internet and powerful smartphones, Promotional videos are becoming extremely popular amongst businesses. This is because some businesses have realized the power of video as a marketing strategy and that you don’t have to sell an arm or a leg to make one. Don’t forget when the content is engaging, your audience will easily share the video on their social networks!

It’s very important that you don’t mistake Promotional videos with the Commercial Ads you see on TV. This is because while viewers are not asked if they wish to watch a Commercial ad, with a Promotional video they have a choice of whether they want to watch the video or not. That’s why you have to cut to the chase with Promotional videos or the viewer might stop watching it after seconds.

Promotional videos are different from Explainer videos as they are tailored to meet the needs of your viewers and will often end with a ‘call to action.’ Examples include:

  • Advertising Videos

  • Comparison Videos

  • Giveaway Videos

  • Destination Videos

  • Talking-head Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Human Resources Videos

  • Real Estate Tour Videos

  • Keynote Slideshow Presentation Videos

These are all considered Promotional videos as they all have a main purpose throughout the video and a ‘call to action’ at the end.

5. Webinar

Creating Webinar’s is a user-friendly way to host free live events that offer valuable and handy insights to attendees. They are low-cost yet high-value videos that don’t need actors or scripts. All you need are some Google Calendar invites and you can host Q&A sessions with clients, roundtable interviews with thought leaders in the industry, do product demos, etc.

6. Company culture videos

A company’s culture is its soul and identity. The culture behind a brand is the secret sauce that gets employees excited about working for your business, and customers or clients will feel their excitement too. These videos can also be shared with your audience as it will make your brand more relatable and alive.

 Company Culture videos are a unique way to show what makes your company different from the competition by showcasing the brands personality and unique techniques within your industry. For example: the behind the scenes, slice-of-life employee interviews, office pranks, employee’s birthday celebration and everything in between. The goal of Company Culture videos is to bring the human side behind your brand to life.

7. Announcement video

Merging brands, moving offices, launching an amazing product? Whatever big news you have to share with your audience, a video is the perfect way to spread the news! An Announcement video helps you get your message across and build excitement.

Your Announcement video doesn’t have to be a Blockbuster film that stops everyone in their tracks but it should be attention-grabbing.

8. Video voicemails

Video voicemails are a great way in which your employees can connect with leads and customers. They are low-costs but at the same time, high-reward. The most effective way to use these video voicemails is sending them through email to your customers. More sales and support teams are inserting friendly video thumbnails into their emails, and customers are loving them.

An effective sales email video is around one minute long. Introduce yourself, explain why you’re reaching out, and ask for a quick call to “talk about their goals.’ If you don’t want to create a brand-new video for every prospect, consider making a few you can reuse again and again. Separate them by customer type, where they are located, the social platform they use the most, etc.

9. Interview Videos

Interview videos are a great way to build up your community within your industry and at the same time promote your brands knowledge and insight to your audience. They also help build relationships with potential referral partners which in the long run can help your brand. The interviewee should be an authority and if possible, someone your audience already knows; perhaps a known influencer, author, etc.

They are also a great way of aligning yourself within your industry which will inspire other people to understand your brand’s values. Interview videos should not feel scripted; your subject should do most of the talking and not the other way round.

Since the interviewee also has an audience, they will be more inclined to share their interview onto their own platforms which will help increase the number of your brands email subscribers, backlinks, and overall brand awareness in the industry. 

10. Social videos

Regardless of your brand’s favorite social media tool - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; either, all or a combination of a few, you can host videos onto your different social media platforms which can help drive traffic to your website. Also, social media videos can be teasers for longer videos that you can post on YouTube or on your site. You can do this by cutting down a longer video to a shorter length; then make an interesting teaser for your audience to click on the link that will lead them to the full video. 

Since most people access their social media platforms via their smartphone make sure to keep it short and sweet in order to immediately grab their attention. Take note on the number of likes, shares, comments, and views of the videos on each platform.  You can use these analytics to change up your strategy for the future.

Here’s a free guide we created on the two best social media platforms to host videos on. Enjoy!


If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations! We know that it’s a long blog post! Now, we hope that you understand the true value that video can have on your brand, customers, and clients.

Feel free to ask questions and let us know if you’ve had any success, in the comments below.

APTO Media Success

Here’s a Promotional video Apto Media created for One For Women. One For Women empowers and connects women through easier and more impactful gift giving and a focus on promoting women-owned companies to share their stories. Our unique, curated gift sets, designed for the “everyday” moments in life, feature products from women-owned companies. Currently the video is on One For Women’s website and is used in different promotional areas for their business. The ‘call to action’ in this video is to go to their website to learn even more about the company and to think about sending a gift to that special someone.